Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club
Hello all:

Sponsorship: Just a remind that all proposals for sponsorship should be submitted by November 30th.

For the past two seasons PVL (through Ryan Keller) has sponsored our club by providing the funds that have enabled TCM to buy dry fit jerseys for all 8 teams. And we are very thankful to Ryan for bringing PVL to our club!

As a Club we believe in being inclusive. For this reason, with Ryan's blessing, we have decided to put out the offer of allowing others who might be interested, to offer sponsorship to the Club. Our preference would be to accept one sponsorship to fund the purchase of dry fits for all 8 teams. This is administratively easiest and would make production of the dry fits seamless. The cost of such a sponsorship is in the nature of $4000.00.

If you or your company is interested in offering sponsorship to the Club for the 2019 season please submit a proposal to Deb Heard ( The Executive Committee will then consider your proposal and advise of its decision. If you are interested but don’t wish to sponsor to the full level noted above the Executive Committee will still consider your proposal.

2019 Registration:
For the 2019 season registration we will begin using the BCLA online system - which means no paper! The online system will open January 1st and I will email out the link (as well the info and link will be posted on our TCM website).

If you know of any "new" players please have them email me directly so I can add them to the distribution list to include in the registration email I'll send out January 1st.

If you were a full time player wanting to only spare or take a year off in 2019 please also email me asap so we can have an idea of numbers in advance.

2019 Scholarship Applications:
Information and applications are here. The deadline for the 2019 Scholarships being January 15, 2019.

Commissioner - Vince Critchley
Registrar-Treasurer - Deb Heard
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club
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