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  1. Registration - Contact: Paul Horn -
    All players (returning and new), must register online through our registration page above or click here.

    You will also need to fill out a BCLA registration card, which will be handed out at the field. You cannot practise or play until this card has been filled out.

  2. Player Fee: $250 - Contact: Kerry McGaffney -
    The cost to play this season is $250. You can pay by e-transfer to Kerry McGaffney or bring a cheque for that amount to the field and give to Kerry. Remember, if you are not paid in full before the draft, you will not be put on a team. It is YOUR responsibility to make this payment, We will NOT chase you to pay.

    If an individual registers and is not drafted, their fees are returned to him in full.

  3. Fees:
    1. All regular players pay the registration fee as determined by the executive prior to each season. These fees include:
      • Playing fees for the entire season and play-offs.
      • Use of the Club’s jersey for the season.
      • tickets for the Annual Smoker. These tickets are for the dinner and open bar, as well as the reverse draw.
    2. Annual Smoker tickets are not an optional purchase. Even if the registrant cannot attend the dinner, his tickets must still be purchased. He may, however, give away or sell his tickets as he sees fit. The Club will not be responsible for re-selling tickets.
    3. Additional tickets can be purchased if necessary, either for the dinner/draw or for the draw alone.
    4. Beginning in 2013-14, all registrants will be expected to give the Club an additional cheque at the time of registration as a deposit for the use of the Club’s jersey. If the jersey is returned at season’s end, the cheque will be returned uncashed.
    5. Players may pay their registration fees via cash or cheque. Post-dated cheques can be used provided at least 1/3 of the fees are paid at the beginning of the season. Any player wishing to pay with post-dated cheques must consult the club treasurer.
    6. Players wishing to join the club will be asked to pay registration fees prior to the Club’s annual draft. During the draft, team leaders will select any new members and they will be informed within the next 48 hours. Anyone not selected into the club will have their fees or uncashed cheque(s) returned in full as soon as possible. Players not drafted will be informed within 48 hours and will usually be asked to join the spares list. Undrafted players may be drafted in subsequent seasons.
    7. Spares pay a flat rate of $10 per evening, and may play more than one game if able.
    8. Spares are welcome to attend the smoker, and may purchase tickets from the Club.
  4. Smoker - Saturday, September 27th, 6pm start. - Contact: Paul Horn -
    Our season kicks off each year with our Smoker. This is the event where we announce our teams, and which sets the tone for the rest of the season. As part of our registration fees, all members are given two tickets to our annual smoker, valued at $75 each. Feel free to bring your wife or a friend. These tickets cannot be returned to the club, but members are free to sell them or give them away. If you choose to do so, please e-mail our treasure at ( Your tickets entitle you and a guest to attend our annual all-you-can-eat, open bar event held on the last Saturday of September. In addition, each ticket is automatically entered in a reverse draw where the top prize is $1000.

  5. Teams' Draft - Contact: Kerry McGaffney -
    Late in September, our executive approves the list of draft of the players and our team leaders conduct the secret draft. The results are announced on Smoker Night (both at the event and at 10 pm on our website). If you are not drafted, you will be contacted in person before the draft night and your money will be returned. You will be given the option of playing as a spare, for which there is a weekly drop in fee. Spares are sometimes able to find a spot on the team later in the season if another member is injured or drops out.

    If you are drafted, you will have to wait until the draft is announced to find out your new team. You will begin play with your new team the very next night.

  6. Referee Allocator - Aaron Wildgrove -
    If you want to referee, please contact Aaron Wildgrove to let him now. You must attend a referees clinic before you can referee our games.

  7. Schedule - Contact: Paul Horn -
    Will be posted in September.

Commissioner - Paul Horn
Treasurer - Kerry McGaffney
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club
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