Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

November 9 - Week 6

Game One - Red vs White
Good: Randy Clough was a wall! Played fantastic.
Bad: Selfish shots from White Team. Naughty, naughty.
Ugly: Russ Heard getting beaten by an Adanac and getting socred on. Yes! Chadanac! Suck it, Herbie!

Game Two - Gold vs Blue
Good: Andy Ogilvie played like he belongs in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame!
Bad: Terrible defence by Gold.
Ugly: The fog...impossible to see the ball at times.

Game Three - Orange vs Black
Good: Orange played a great team game. Everyone was involved in the action.
Bad: Getting pretty damn cold by Game Three!
Ugly: The forced passes and shots by Black

November 2 - Week 5

Game One - Black vs Gold
Good: Thipthorpe wins BRAVEHEART!
Bad: Black blows big lead to get into Braveheart
Ugly: Aaron Wildshorts on a breakaway in Braveheart throws a (smart ass) backhand and misses net and then loses. Team play...

Game Two - Blue vs White
Good: White was VERY good!
Bad: Blue was bad, VERY bad.
Ugly: Final score was a blow out.

Game Three - Red vs Grey
Good: Ian Patterson played awsome and won BRAVEHEART!
Bad: Grey blowing the lead late in the game to let Red back in.
Ugly: Ian and Aaron running into each other in Braveheart

Scoresheet (Adobe pdf format) - click here

October 5 - Week 2

Game One - Black 9 - 11 Blue
Good: The play of Wil Paterson! Nice goal!
Bad: Trying to figure out the new face-off rules.
Ugly: Thipthorpe

Game Two - Red 9 - 7 Gold
Good, Bad, and Ugly (all in one play): The end-to-end rush by Brian Critchley with seconds left in a tie game, only to have it knocked out of his stick with 3 seconds remaining. The ball, like a magnet, bounces to Rob Arden, who picks it up and does an unthinkable "Over the top, reverse backhand, bounce shot" thru Kerry McGaffney's legs and one bounces to the top corner.

Game Three - White 8 - 5 Grey
Good: The 15 completely unorthodox, amazing saves made by Bensy!
Bad: Players blocking the view of the scorekeepers. If you want an accurate score, get out of the way.
Ugly: Yelling at the referee (you know who you are). Come on guys, this is Masters. Stop your bitching.

Commissioner - Paul Horn
Treasurer - Kerry McGaffney
Tri City Masters Field Lacrosse Club
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