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As you may have heard, there has been some discussion about the possibility of switching the seasons in which Masters Box (LMML) and Masters Field (TC Masters) play. Over the last few months, a group of players have been working on putting together a proposal. Recently, the TC Masters executive met and agreed to bring the proposal to you for your input and, ultimately, for a vote.

We agreed that the proposal merited the opportunity for you to see it and for you as club members to decide. The executive supported bringing it forward, but has taken no position either for or against it. Like you, each executive member will vote and debate however they see fit.

This email contains information about what has been proposed, as well as the process we will be going through to hear your thoughts and gather your votes.


The Proposal:

What has been proposed?
The proposal is strictly to move the season for box into the fall and early spring, while field lacrosse would happen in the late spring and through fall, with a summer break. Specifically, the proposal is to start Field Lacrosse play in late March and run into first week of July, missing most long weekends. We would then resume play after summer break, beginning either in late August or early September, playing six weeks of play-offs and ending in late October. Specific dates still need to be determined.

Box Lacrosse would go from (about) Nov 1 (i.e. after Hawaii) – 3rd week in February.

Would we still play on Sundays?

Would the leagues still be run by the same people and organizations as they are now?

Would either league be taken over by the other?

Would this affect registration fees?
Possibly, but not dramatically.

Where would we play?
Field would stay at Gates Park. Box would likely move to the Langley Events Centre.

Are there other changes being proposed?
Not by TC Masters. We have stated that we will not be attempting any other major changes (such as expansion or moving) during this time.

What happens if one league votes “Yes”, but the other votes “No”?
We would not change seasons unless both votes meet the “Yes” criteria set out by their leadership.

Would there still be a TC Masters Smoker?
Yes, but it would happen in the spring.

Will we be changing any of club rules, draft format, policies or play-off structures?

When would this all occur? How would we transition?
1. Masters Box would start in Nov 2015. (This means two seasons of Box in 2015, because the summer season would continue as planned. Also TC Masters would complete our current season as scheduled.)

2. TC Masters would NOT play regular season games this fall, but would use our normal September format (i.e. exhibition games) until the end of October. This means that we would stay in our 2014-15 teams for an approximately two-month pre-season, and we could add newly interested players to these rosters as we usually do. As per our normal format, we would only accept new applicants for the first week or two into September. If we need to add new members for the spring season, we will open things up again in February. We still need to cost out this format and consider how we charge players, because usually preseason games are free. (The most likely approach is to charge the drop-in fee, but this has not been decided.) This initial fall pre-season would only take place in 2015. In the future, it might be made into a drop-in period.

3. We would draft new teams in February or early March and then hold the Smoker a week after. The official season would start in late March.

Will there be any changes in leadership?
I (Paul Horn) am already stepping down as Chair, but there are plenty of people able to do that job and I will stay on the board as Past-Chair. Others have said they plan to continue.

The Process

Step One: Question and Feedback period
Beginning today (Feb 26th) we will be informing you about the proposal. This information will go on our website and be available in print at the field. We will give all members two weeks to review, ask questions, and raise any concerns (i.e. Until March 12th). On March 1st and 8th, the team leaders and executive will make themselves available at the field before our games for questions and to discuss a summary of the proposal. We have also set up an on-line survey at to give you a chance to give input or ask questions.

Step Two: Voting
Beginning March 13th, we will give 2 weeks for voting (i.e. until March 26th). Players can choose to vote on-line or at the field. We will distribute a link for voting as we near that date. James Luddington (aka Luddy) will be working hard to ensure that everyone votes. There are two critical thresholds needed for the vote to pass:

1. 66% of cast votes are required for the “yes” (i.e. season change) proposal to pass.
2. 90% of our members must vote for the total to count.

Who is entitled to vote?
Members, which means current players and those on a CURRENT one-year leave. Paul will compile, vet and publish a list of eligible voters before the official voting. While we value our spares, they are not yet considered members and won’t be able to vote.

Who is able to vote in the LMML’s vote?
We have been told that it will be similar, but it is their decision. Keep in mind that their membership and ours are not identical.

I play in both leagues. Does that mean I vote twice?
When will the LMML hold their vote?

That’s up to them, but we have been advised that it will happen during their season, which starts soon.

If both votes are a “Yes”, does that mean the switch happens for sure?
While we would need to adjust our operating agreements with the BCLA and ensure we had referees, these are not anticipated to be difficult matters.

Are the fields and LEC Box available at these times?
Yes, the LEC Fieldhouse is used throughout the winter for lacrosse already.

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